Important Information

The Toledo Pre-Medical & Health Science Academy is a four-year high school created through a partnership between Toledo Public Schools, ProMedica, and Mercy College for students who are passionate about a career serving others in healthcare.

You’ll learn from educators who’ve worked in the field, experience the real-world excitement of a healthcare setting and prepare for college with AP and CCP classes that provide credits to use toward your undergraduate degree.

The Toledo Pre-Medical & Health Science Academy is located in west Toledo on Upton Avenue. It’s tuition-free and all books and supplies are provided free of charge. Enrollment is open to any student in northwest Ohio, regardless of your public school district or if you currently attend a charter, private or parochial school.

In addition to receiving a comprehensive health science education that includes the latest in treatments and techniques, you’ll learn valuable soft skills to help you work in diverse groups and communicate effectively while providing empathetic bedside manner.

As a student at the Toledo Pre-Medical & Health Science Academy, you can also take advantage of internships and mentoring with ProMedica and Mercy College professionals and potentially find work in the healthcare field during the school year.